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Leadwork & Chimney Repairs

Your chimney goes through a lot! It is exposed to the full force of mother nature and needs to withstand a variety of conditions. It should therefore be checked regularly for any potential problems. If repairs are carried out as soon as they are spotted, bigger problems can be prevented further down the line.

All Types of Chimney Damage Fixed

Whether your chimney has storm damage, frost damage or is simply in need of some careful restoration, we have the experience and skills to complete your works to the highest standards.

Chimney Repairs in Tunbridge Wells

For Chimney Repairs in Tunbridge Wells - call 0800 933 0247

Chimney Maintenance

Chimney brickwork, stonework, mortar and lead flashing will naturally decay over time so chimneys need to be maintained to ensure there will not be bigger, more expensive repairs in the future. Chimneys need to be re pointed if mortar is damaged as it will just crumble away and leave the brick or stonework unsupported and in fear of collapse.

We can completely take down an existing chimney, rebuild your existing one or build a completely new chimney, whatever you need, call in the expertise of our team.

Leadwork & Flashing

Lead work and lead flashing services are available by our experienced team. All our workmen have experience of replacing lead flashing and similar tasks, including complex lead-work such as corner filigrees and similar.

If you require more complex and intricate lead-working tasks, then contact our team so we can arrange a roof survey and get you the most accurate leadwork quote.
For Leadwork in Tunbridge Wells - call 0800 933 0247